Fees and Services

Royale' Creative
The fee for each project varies with the scope of the work. Fees are normally established as a fixed price in advance of the work. There are no additional charges or extras as long as the scope of the project remains as originally defined. If revisions to the construction drawings are desired subsequent to the issuance of a building permit, those revisions are billed on an hourly basis per our schedule. If the scope of the project has not been determined so that a fixed fee may be quoted, we work on an hourly basis until the scope of the project has been established.

Services are inclusive of architectural design, construction documents, specifications, Title 24 energy compliance, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, permit processing, preliminary cost estimates, and construction administration. We also offer interior design and landscape design services if the client desires. If soils reports are required, or if grading and drainage plans are to be prepared, it is the client’s responsibility to provide those, and we are happy to assist in soliciting those proposals and coordinating that work with ours.

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