Selecting Consultants

Royale' Creative

Discretionary approvals of homeowners associations, municipalities and design review committees often require the preparation of Landscape plans. Such plans are much more than the specification of plant species. They may include pool and spa design, patio and driveway layouts, irrigation plans, as well as grading and drainage information.

As the case with the Interior Designer, your Architect will need to coordinate with the Landscape Architect in order to prevent overlay of each other’s work. While you as the Owner will retain directly the Landscape Architect services, ensure beforehand that your Architect will be overseeing the integration of the designs.


Involving an Interior Designer is an option available to the Owner of any residential or hospitality project, large or small. Designers are able to bring a harmonious look and feel to the home and have a wealth of resources available to you as the Owner.

When working with a Designer, be sure to establish where the work of your Architect leaves off and that of the Designer takes up. Communication and coordination between the two will make for a smooth process and enhanced project.

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